A good song requires great vision and utmost care to make it come to life and our team at Gray Spark Audio aims at doing just that .We provide the artists everything they need to give their best.

Our 700 sq.ft. Live Room and state of the art equipment equip the artist to not only record but experiment freely without bounds.Our team of highly trained audio engineers have years of expertise under their belt to provide the best mixing and mastering services. Having worked on numerous projects since its inception in 2010 in areas ranging from solo albums, Jingles, Film Soundtracks and Background scores with both Indie artists and corporate ventures alike, our engineers possess a wide palette of sound which can be tailor made to suit you and give your song a unique identity.

Our Process:

Our goal is to serve the song and also to make the artist feel at home so they can give their best performance in the studio. Our engineers interact with the client to understand their vision and then build everything around that vision to serve their goal.They get to choose from a wide range of musical instruments and pro audio gear so they can express freely and experiment with their sound. We also have expertise in crafting songs from the ground up so you can write your song and leave the rest to us. We also have a roster of brilliant session musicians so we can provide you with the best musicians in the industry and make your songs the next big thing.

Our live room provides the experience of an entire band tracking together which always brings out the best in them. Our mixing and mastering engineers know the balance between the art and science of sound to sculpt your song like it needs to sound and make the right impact.


2nd floor, Kalamkar Paradise, Opposite the TVS showroom,

Baner 411045.

+91 7775018077

8am – 10pm Mon – Sat

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