Online Mastering And Mixing.

Artists have transitioned from big studios and expensive equipment to simple but effective DIY setups at home. In keeping with the dynamic nature of the recording process, there arises an immediate need to provide the expertise, equipment and care to ensure that an artist’s work adheres to commercial standards.

Our Process.

Mixing is the final stage in the production process and ensures that the music fits together seamlessly and is presented with the best possible sound. It involves editing and compiling the required mixes and tracks in production order, cleaning the audio to remove any unwanted blemishes or corruptions and polishing the mixed files.The mastering process provides a finalizer before an artist’s work goes out into the ether, competing with other commercially produced tracks. Our engineers use corrective equalization, compression and other tools to optimize the audio and make it sound the way artists want.

1. File Transfer

You can upload the song that you need mastered to us through our wetransfer portal.

2. Analysis

Once our engineers evaluate the song, they will provide their feedback (i.e kickdrum can be a touch softer) for revision so that we can provide you with the best possible mix/master.

3. Mixing & Mastering

After we receive the changes from your end, our engineers will start the mixing/mastering process.

4. Feedback & Revisions

Our team will send across the first draft of the mix/master as soon as its ready. Based on your feedback, necessary changes shall be made to meet your requirements.

Drawing Short Straws-Erasure

The F16s-Who Robbed


Jinja Safari


CrossRoads-Nothing I Can Do



Scriptures in the Attic-Traveller

Seun Kutti


Sunai Predator

Tu Al Bari

Vishal Gore-The Beginning

Brighu Sahni

Blackstrat Blues

Cat Kamikazee-Revived Souls

Celestial Teapot-Say When

Dr Zebra-Hey You

Drawing Short Straws-Watchmaker

Celestial Teapot-Nacreous

Our Equipment.

Monitoring system:

Dynaudio M2 midfield MONITORS powered by 2 X DCA 450 amp
KH120 A Near field monitors 5.1 surround
JBL 3211
Yamaha Subwoofer


1 X Laney LV300H
1 X Marshall MG100HDFX
1 X Laney GHL 100
1 X Vox AC 15 VR
1 X Pearl Vision
1 X Fender precision Jazz bass
2 X Alto Professional XL for Artist Monitoring


Universal Audio Apollo 8
Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt
Avid HDIO 8x8x8
UAD 4710D mic preamp
Neve 511c mic preamp
Neve 511c mic preamp
TC electronics M5000
Yamaha SPX 990 Reverb and FX unit
WA 1176 compressor
WA 1176 compressor
Manley Vari Mu Limiter and compressor
Lindell Audio Lunchbox


2 X AKG C414
2 X Nuemann KM184
2 X MD421
4 X e604
2 X SM57
2 X SM58
2 X e614
1 X e602II
1 X AKG D112
1 X Nuemann TLM 102
1 X Nuemann TLM 103

Frequently Asked Questions.

Mastering is the process where an experienced mastering engineer uses specially designed equipment and software to correct problems within each song. Mastering most importantly takes your audio to the next level and produces a final product that is "label ready". Our mastering engineers will adjust many variables including:
-Adjusting Frequencies with Analog and Digital EQ
-Balancing Left and Right Stereo tracks with Stereo Imaging
-Compressing and Limiting the overall sound level to achieve a warm analog punch
-Adding dithering
-Establishing correct fades in and out of songs
-Establishing Correct Spacing between each track
-Adding ISRC Codes
-Adding CD-Text Information
-Creating DDP, BIN, or CUE Files for CD replication or duplication
Stem Mastering is a slightly more versatile option of normal mastering. We use a few "stems" (combined tracks such as drums, guitars, keyboards etc...) of your track to achieve the final master. You can send 3-5 stereo channels that we can tweak individually to make the absolute best sounding master. This is the best option for artists, engineers, and producers that have gotten their mix as far as they can take it, and just need the extra bump to make it perfect.

Here are some different stems you can send us as well as an explanation of what we can do to each track:

1. Drums (for compression and clarity without affecting the rest of the song)
2. Bass (for getting a nice bass tone without affecting the rest of the mix with mud)
3. Guitars (we can roll out the mud in the guitars and bring presence without taking out the punch in the rest of the mix)
4. Vocals (we can get them sitting in the mix perfect if we isolate them with stem mastering)

You can use any stems you want. As long as you upload at least 3 and no more than
5. It truly is the best way for us to have complete control over your song without affecting the mix you love so much.
We always do a sample for free. If you like what you hear, you can chose to move forward with the whole project by paying through our safe and secure website. After payment is made, you upload your files through our website or mail. Once music is mastered, high quality WAV files will be uploaded to your account on this website.
If you are not happy with the mastering results, we will make 5 FREE revisions to make sure you are happy. We are so confident in our work that we ensure this will not happen.
Mixing is where our engineers assemble all the tracks from the tracking session and put the song together. If the song has been tracked properly the mix should start coming together quickly. The individual tracks will now be polished with eq, compression, and effects. The vocals will be balanced against the instrumentals making your song come to life. After the mixing process is complete, your song should be sounding like a finished professional product just the way you conceptualised it.


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