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  • “The studio has a great vibe which allows creativity…. which is why I like working there. My songs are a testimony to their quality. Highly Recommended.”

    – Raushan Verma (Raushan Verma Scheme)

    Raushan Verma (Raushan Verma Scheme) via
  • “I’ve been working with Ronak Runwal even before Gray Spark Audio was born.. I’ve seen him and his team of engineers grow brilliantly into the amazing professionals that they are now! I think ‘honesty’ and ‘ the drive for perfection’ are some words you can define them with. The studio, itself has great facilities and great gear. Have always loved to do some serious work here with a bunch of cool guys!”

    – Saket Rao (Drummer/Percussionist/RVD/RVS)

    Saket Rao (Drummer/Percussionist/RVD/RVS) via
  • “For musicians entering a studio for the very first time, a large amount of guidance and motivation is needed from a recording and production perspective. The guys at Gray Spark Audio provided that necessary hand-holding by helping us along each step and ensured we put out an album, which for us, exceeded our expectations in terms of quality.
    The highly knowledgeable and experienced two-man team of Harshad & Ronak will almost never let you put a foot wrong once under their wing and efficiently drive you home with their truly accomodating and friendly demeanour.

    We have most certainly enjoyed recording at Gray Spark Audio and can’t wait to come back for our future projects. I think we won’t be wrong in saying that Gray Spark Audio is definitely the spark one looks for in the presently clustered business of Audio Recording & Production.”

    – Celestial Teapot

    Celestial Teapot via Facebook
  • “ I’ve had a tough time looking for engineers who understand where I’m coming from and in Ronak and Harshad found everything I require and then some. Together they’re the perfect mix of knowledgeable, experienced, critical, easygoing and brutally honest and it’s these qualities combined with the great gear they have that makes recording with them a joy and a total learning experience. They’ve played a huge part in my growth as a musician and recording with them is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

    – Sunai Marathe (Composer/Songwriter/Drawing Short Straws)

    Sunai Marathe (Composer/Songwriter/Drawing Short Straws) via
  • “Working at Gray Spark Audio took my music to the next level. There’s no substitute for professionals who know what they’re doing. I no longer had to worry about the quality of my recordings…the folks at Gray Spark took care of that so I just had to worry about making the best records possible. I owe much of my recent success to the music that I’ve made there.”

    – Muang (Guitarist and vocalist for Crossroads)

    Muang (Guitarist and vocalist for Crossroads) via
  • “As a band we couldn’t be happier with the outcome and process. It’s an exellent price for the standard of recording and production. The working environment is calm and relaxed, allowing for better concentration. We were able to enjoy our time but also be extremely productive and will be booking more studio time here in the very near future.”

    – Anonymous

    Anonymous via
  • “Recording at Gray Spark was a great experience. Ronak and Harshad are not only professional and accommodating, but also immensely talented. We had a strong feeling from the beginning that we were in good hands, and the final product absolutely reflected that. The warmth and creativity here creates the kind of atmosphere that musicians can only hope to be in when they record. It’s not easy to produce a reflection of your very best work, but we were able to do that.”

    – Ashwin Naidu (Drummer at Celestial Teapot)

    Ashwin Naidu (Drummer at Celestial Teapot) via
  • “A really great place to record, Harshad and Ronak are great to work with. Our track came out superb. With GraySpark’s new studio I can see that Ronak and his team have a vision of making GraySpark the one place you would think of to go to for all your audio recording needs”

    – Robin T Rajan (Scriptures in the Attic)

    Robin T Rajan (Scriptures in the Attic) via
  • Gray Spark is emerging to be one of the finest recording studios in India. The place looks amazing, has brilliant acoustics, and is run by passionate, experienced folks. Musicians, you know where to go when you need studio time in Maharashtra!

    – Siddharth Nair

    Siddharth Nair via
  • Pune’s one stop shop for recording/mixing/mastering – great live room, top-notch gear and incredibly talented and friendly crew!

    – Vishal Gore

    Vishal Gore via
  • Fabulous studio with great equipment. I’ve done some recording work there and I can assure you that they have a highly qualified, helpful and a friendly team.

    – Sanyanth Naroth (Easy Wanderlings)

    Sanyanth Naroth via Someplace
  • Gray Spark Audio is my go to studio if I’m recording live drums. The room, the mic locker and the people, everything is as good as it gets and it’s an absolute pleasure to return to the studio time and again. With everything so well in place, you get to focus on what you’re really there for – the music!

    – Adhiraj Singh

    Adhiraj Singh via Someplace
  • Recorded at Gray Spark Audio for the first time for Roaches. Supreme vibes, and Harshad was a wonderful recording engineer to work with. Excellent for tracking drums, much fun, really happy with the results. Can’t wait to be back for the rest of the EP.

    – Gowri Jayakumar (Run Pussy Run)

    Gowri Jayakumar via Someplace


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